How To Write A Thank You Note

How To Write A Thank You Note

In a busy world filled with constant noise and distractions, handwritten thank you notes are more important, and more appreciated, than ever. Writing thank you notes is a wonderful way to express gratitude. Whether it's for a gift you’ve been given, for a way that someone helped you, or for advice or insight someone gave you, I can guarantee the recipient of your note will feel loved.  

So, how do you write a thank you note? I have an easy four step formula for crafting heartfelt thank you notes.  So grab a cup of tea and some beautiful stationery (if you don’t have any, check out my multipurpose cards here), and let’s write a thank you note.

Step 1: Greeting

This step is simple - simply address the person by name.  The specific way you address them will vary depending on your relationship and what you’re thanking them for.  For a good friend, you could use something more casual than if you're writing a thank you note for an interview.  The most important thing about the greeting is making sure you use their name - and if you're thanking multiple people, list them all.  

Some examples of greetings:

Hi Olivia,

Dear Mr. Hartley,


Dear Aunt Grace and Uncle Julien,

Dear Mr. Willowbrook, Mrs. Willowbrook, Alexander, Celestia, and Isabella,


Step 2: Express Thanks

After the greeting, get right to the point of the card.  Thank them and mention what you're thanking them for. If you’re thanking them for a gift that they gave you at a party, also mention thank you for attending the party.  

For example:

Thank you so very much for the gift of flowers from your garden.  

Your birthday gift was perfect, thank you!

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the senior design position. 

Thank you for attending my baby shower, and for the lovely handmade quilt.  


Step 3: Specific Details

Once you’ve thanked them, expand upon what you appreciate about what you’re thanking them for.  This could be details about the item that you particularly love, how you’re using a gift, how much an act of kindness positively impacted your week, or something you particularly enjoyed about an interview or event.  

Some examples of specifics are:

The flowers truly brightened my room while I was sick, and everytime I looked at them I felt a little better. 

I've been using the lotion every day, and my hands already feel so much softer!

The design of the stickers was perfect! You know me so well.  I stuck it to my water bottle and have already received several compliments on it.  

I enjoyed discussing the properties and use of color to evoke emotions, and the tour of the workplace. 

The colors in the quilt perfectly match my babies’ nursery.  I can’t wait to snuggle her in it when she’s born.  It will certainly be a beautiful family heirloom. 


Step 4: Something about the giver

After giving details of what they gave you or did for you, express appreciation for their thoughtfulness.  This is the perfect time to build them up and make them feel truly special.  I like to mention how much I appreciate having them in my life.  You could also mention a special memory with the person, or that you are looking forward to seeing them soon. 


It was so kind of you to think of me when I wasn’t feeling well.  I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful neighbor!

I really appreciate your gift, thanks for thinking of me!

Love and miss you guys, and I’m looking forward to visiting next month!

I really appreciate your kindness, I’m so blessed to have such an incredible friend. Let’s grab a coffee next week. 

I am sincerely interested in the position, and am looking forward to hearing from you.  


Step 5: Closing

For closing, thank them again.  Then, sign your name.  And don’t forget to get the note in the mail!

Closing examples:

Thanks again! I appreciate you :)  Love, Amelia

Thank you again. Sincerely, Emma


Writing thank you notes doesn’t have to be stressful or hard.  I use this formula every time, and have found it to be very effective at expressing true heartfelt gratitude, without having to stare at a blank note with a loss for words.  If you need to get some thank you notes to have on hand, check out our collection here. 


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